[ when business and suffering are one and the same; when laws fail the people they turn to the flame. ]
Lauren, 16 & English. Leech Boy!Lester is my new Jesus and this is my biggest achievement in life. I used to write phanfiction.

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i’m taking a break again for a little while, i’ll resume the blog rates in a bit.

vote for my bestie here 5 times and i’ll give you a blog rate!

**please tell me the number of votes you were so i know you’re not lying about voting**

guys she’s so close to winning I know I keep reblogging this but it would be so cool if she won! just vote 5 times you don’t even need to register or anything

yes!! she’s only 114 votes away from first, pls help out :D

dan being a giant dork in phil’s new video


Dan & Phil 2013 → 2014

Kill Phil!




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