On Hiatus Until 18/06/2014

Lauren, 16 & English. Due to my exams and the fact that I currently have no computer (long story), I am putting my blog on hiatus until the end of my GCSE exams (my last exam is my Latin Verse Literature exam on the 18/06/2014 in case you were wondering).

I have specifically chosen a hiatus theme which allows you to access any of my posts through links so that you can still access my phanfiction and any other posts. Please use the links above to navigate to my phanfiction page, my about me page, my archive and my navigation page (which includes all of the tags I use so you can browse if you so wish).

I will be temporary closing my askbox to anons, however any off-anon messages I will answer privately as regularly as I can (I should be checking my ask every couple of days at least). If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me!

However, I'm not going to be entirely inactive as I will have a queue set up for every day. I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing about Head Down Low yet, but I will update this page as soon as I have more information on that. I hope you all understand my reasons for going on hiatus, and I hope you all have a good few weeks! See you soon.